Rose Water Benefits and Ingredients for Skin Care
May 29, 2018
Mobile Skin Screening (MSS) offers dermatological services that are HSA/FSA eligible!
March 15, 2021

Cash pay dermatology is a viable solution

The Federal Reserve reported that in 2018, one out of four people with health insurance had to forego receiving medically necessary treatments. Some of those treatments included treating skin cancer. When skin cancer is detected early and treated sooner rather than later the cost of treatment is drastically reduced. However, as deductibles, copays and office visits rise it becomes problematic for individuals to be evaluated and treated for skin cancer in a timely manner.

Mobile Skin Screening is a great option for your dermatological needs. MSS is strictly cash pay which allows our services to be affordable and upfront. Depending on your location, a full body skin cancer exam will cost what you would usually pay for a copay and group discounts are available. Whether it’s a suspicious lesion that needs to be biopsied or a seborrheic keratosis you want removed, MSS can provide dermatological services affordably.

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