Mobile Skin Care Services in Phoenix

At Mobile Skin Screening, we’re proud to offer a broad range of skin care services and solutions for our patients, ranging from full body skin exams to skin tag removal to precancerous lesions treatment.

Conventional treatment options require that you leave your home and travel miles to visit an often-busy medical clinic or doctor’s office. However, with our solution, you can benefit from receiving high-quality skin screening and treatment right in the comfort and privacy of your own home.

Over 5 million people are diagnosed with skin cancer every year in the US. Completing a full body skin cancer screening can help prevent you from becoming another statistic. Remember – if skin cancer is caught early, it is treatable.

In addition to screenings, we can also offer a broad range of additional solutions and services, including the ability to get rid of skin tags, cherry angioma removal, sebaceous hyperplasia removal, seborrheic keratosis removal and more. Our most-sought after services include:

  • Precancerous lesions treatment
  • Sebaceous Hyperplasia treatment
  • Seborrheic Keratosis removal
  • Skin Cancer body scan
  • Cherry Angioma removal at home
  • Skin tag treatment

Besides all of these skin screening services, we offer several other skin screening solutions.

digital mole mapping

Mobile Skin Screening offers digital mole mapping using Skin IO technology. Mole mapping has been used in dermatology for several years to track changes in moles and sun-damaged ski for early skin cancer detection in high risk patients. Patients with a higher risk of developing skin cancer include patients with: 

1) Multiple moles

 2) A personal or family history of atypical moles and/or skin cancer

 3) A history of working outdoors

 4) Visible signs of extensive sun exposure
(i.e, sun/liver spots, freckles, ruddy skin, chronic farmer’s tan)

 5) The inability to perform monthly
self-skin exams and/or getting routine skin exams.

Mole mapping has transitioned from hand-written illustrations/descriptions to high resolution photos which can capture mole features making subtle changes easier to detect. The earlier mole changes or new lesions are identified, the sooner treatment can occur which can reduce and possibly eliminate late-stage skin cancer from developing. Photos are stored in a secured cloud database which allows you to have access to your photos well into the future. If you move to a different state, country, change providers, lose your health insurance, you will still have access to your digital photos. For frequently asked questions regarding Skin IO technology.


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