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    • Our Customer Reviews

      Nathaniel S.

      Angela with Mobile Skin Screening did an amazing job removing my xanthelasma lesions. If it wasn't for her, I'd still be walking around with those unsightly marks. Best of all, she came to my house and performed the procedure at an incredibly reasonable price. Highly recommended! Big thank you to Angela!

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      Anilu P.

      Angela and her assistant were fantastic! I was very satisfied with everything and super comfortable. I will continue to use them and recommend to others! Great price and they were super sweet. I gained so much knowledge and I’m more aware of places to look for anything suspicious. Angela really takes her time and truly cares about her patients! The best dermatology checkup I’ve had so far.

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      Donald Roberson

      I was extremely pleased with the in-home service no waiting 30-45 minutes past appointment time. The process was simple and painless the cost is reasonable. Angela is very knowledgeable I would recommend her services.

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      Chelsea Rathie

      This service is amazing! My family all got checked out and we never had to leave our house! Plus they not only did the check up they educated us on how to prevent and recognize abnormal or healthy skin issues. Definitely would and have recommended them to everyone!

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      Matthew B

      The best. Not only are the people extremely friendly, but the pricing is incredible. Highly recommend.

      Adult Acne

      Acne is a condition caused by clogged sebaceous glands. Sebaceous glands produce sebum which is an oil that helps lubricate the hair and skin. The largest number of sebaceous glands are found on the face, neck, upper chest and back which are acne prone sites.

      The top layer of the skin is constantly shedding dead skin cells. When the sebaceous glands produce excess sebum it creates a sticky environment that traps shedding skin cells which leads to clogged pores. Clogged pores create an environment of inflammation that leads to the creation of whiteheads (a clump of debris trapped under a closed pore) blackheads (a clump of debris in an open pore), a pimple or pustule (a clump of debris that has triggered an inflammatory response), and an acne nodule or cyst (a large amount of collected debris underneath the skin, that may or may not trigger inflammation).

      Sebaceous glands are controlled by hormones which is the reason why acne is more prevalent during puberty, before a menstrual period, the peri-menopausal period, and pregnancy when hormone levels fluctuate. Around 85% of adolescents will get acne before age 20, 35% of women and 20% of men will get acne in their 30s, and 26% of women and 12% of men will get acne in their 40s. If you are one of the lucky women that didn’t have acne during adolescence, you are at an increased risk of developing acne as an adult.

      Many insurance companies believe that acne is an adolescent condition and will not cover treatment for adult acne. Mobile Skin Screening can offer an affordable alternative to treat adult acne. You don’t have to continue to suffer from the embarrassment of having acne.