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Our Customer Reviews

Nathaniel S.

Angela with Mobile Skin Screening did an amazing job removing my xanthelasma lesions. If it wasn't for her, I'd still be walking around with those unsightly marks. Best of all, she came to my house and performed the procedure at an incredibly reasonable price. Highly recommended! Big thank you to Angela!

What Is Keloid?

Keloid is when the skin produces excessive scar tissue after an injury that leaves a firm, raised scar. More common in darker skin tones but anybody can develop them. Keloids appear skin colored or pink in lighter tones and skin colored to dark brown in darker tones. Keloids may be itchy and slightly tender to touch. Many keloids are treatable and should be treated sooner rather than later in order to reduce the chance of them growing in size. Darker skin tones and keloid prone skin should be cautious when getting skin piercings which is a common reason for keloids to develop.