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Our Customer Reviews

Nathaniel S.

Angela with Mobile Skin Screening did an amazing job removing my xanthelasma lesions. If it wasn't for her, I'd still be walking around with those unsightly marks. Best of all, she came to my house and performed the procedure at an incredibly reasonable price. Highly recommended! Big thank you to Angela!

What Is Xanthelasma ?

Xanthelasma are benign, yellow, cholesterol deposits that appear on the inside corners of the eye. Sometimes xanthelasma is a sign of an underlying condition such as elevated cholesterol or diabetes; however, most cases of xanthelasma are either hereditary or idiopathic (unknown reason). Xanthelasmas are more common in middle age; however, young people can develop them as well. Depending on your health insurance, Xanthelasma treatment may be considered cosmetic which is not covered by insurance.

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