Affordable Seborrheic Keratosis removal in the comfort of your own home!

Why choose us?

  • We serve the entire Phoenix Metro area.
  • Fast and painless removal of Seborrheic Keratosis.
  • Incredibly affordable prices.
  • We come to you.
  • Treatment performed by a licensed nurse practitioner.
  • Save even more money by treating multiple friends and family.

Our Customer Reviews

Nathaniel S.

Angela with Mobile Skin Screening did an amazing job removing my xanthelasma lesions. If it wasn't for her, I'd still be walking around with those unsightly marks. Best of all, she came to my house and performed the procedure at an incredibly reasonable price. Highly recommended! Big thank you to Angela!

Anilu P.

Angela and her assistant were fantastic! I was very satisfied with everything and super comfortable. I will continue to use them and recommend to others! Great price and they were super sweet. I gained so much knowledge and I’m more aware of places to look for anything suspicious. Angela really takes her time and truly cares about her patients! The best dermatology checkup I’ve had so far.

Donald Roberson

I was extremely pleased with the in-home service no waiting 30-45 minutes past appointment time. The process was simple and painless the cost is reasonable. Angela is very knowledgeable I would recommend her services.

Chelsea Rathie

This service is amazing! My family all got checked out and we never had to leave our house! Plus they not only did the check up they educated us on how to prevent and recognize abnormal or healthy skin issues. Definitely would and have recommended them to everyone!

Matthew B

The best. Not only are the people extremely friendly, but the pricing is incredible. Highly recommend.

What Is Seborrheic Keratosis?

Seborrheic Keratosis (SK) is a benign, scaly lesion found on mature skin that start appearing in the 4th and 5th decades of life. SKs are warty, scaly lesions that can be skin colored, yellow, shades of brown, black or gray that have a stuck on appearance. Except for the palms and soles, SKs are found anywhere on the body but often develop on the trunk and head. People normally develop more SKs the older they get and these lesions have a tendency to run in families. People often find SKs unsightly and the removal of SKs are often considered cosmetic.

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