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May 8, 2018
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What To Look For During A Home Skin Analysis
May 28, 2018

I’ve spent a lot of time traveling as a dermatology nurse practitioner and began to quickly realize there is a huge opportunity to improve the convenience of skin care. Especially in Arizona. Wait times alone have been detouring people from getting the treatment they need. This is why I decided to launch my business here and promote the benefits of mobile dermatology exams in Phoenix, Arizona.

From senior citizen communities to the growing population, it’s been difficult for dermatology providers to keep up. I’m committed to providing patients with a quality experience that’s affordable, thorough, safe and convenient.

1. Saving Time and Money Without Insurance.

benefits-of-mobile-dermatology-exams-in-phoenix-az-in-the-comfort-of-your-own-home-with-a-skin-evaluation-specialistAside from wait times, there are other benefits of mobile dermatology exams in Phoenix that a lot of people aren’t aware of. One of the most misunderstood is that we don’t have to deal with health insurance companies. I know you might think this is a disadvantage, but it actually benefits the patient. Since there isn’t a middle man for billing, the charges for services are more affordable and scheduling is a lot easier.

Dermatology Referrals and Copays

When you schedule a mobile skin exam, you’re able to immediately take action if something is found. You don’t have to wait for multiple referrals and pay additional co-pays. You get done what you need, when you need it done – from the comfort of your own home!  

In most cases, insurance companies won’t cover cosmetic procedures and force you to pay for needed skin exams and services anyways. You can read more here about how they justify dermatology denials and determine what’s “medically necessary” for patients.

2. Thorough Evaluations and Examinations

thorough-skin-care-evaluations-by-nurse-practitioner-in-phoenix-az-is-one-of-the-benefits-of-mobile-dermatology-exams-in-phoenixWithout the aforementioned distractions, I’m able to take my time during skin examinations and not rush due to medical office time constraints. This additional time has allowed me to catch and treat skin cancers including melanoma that other derm providers missed because they were rushing through an exam.

It also allows me to get to know the patient and provide them with a personal experience they can trust and rely on. I even enjoy sharing the ABCDE Method with potential patients so they can determine if the appointment is necessary beforehand.

Dermatology Exams in Phoenix for Groups

Focusing on my patients has also allowed me to offer group discounts. If there is more than one person getting a skin cancer exam, travel cost is spread out amongst the group. I encourage everyone to get examined for skin cancer and learn as much as they can about prevention

3. Patient Security and Health Record Privacy.

Another benefit that most patients aren’t aware of is that I don’t store your personal information in an electronic medical records (EMR) system. The “handing off” and “sharing” of medical records is risky. By avoiding these systems and medical billing, we’re able to guarantee your health information isn’t susceptible to being stolen. People don’t realize that at least one medical facility worldwide gets their EMR system hacked into on a daily basis.

4. Mobile Dermatology Exams Are Convenient.

dermatology-np-provider-with-her-assistant-during-mobile-skin-exam-and-skin-tag-removal-in-west-phoenix-azAt the end of the day, I provide the convenience of coming to you for your dermatology needs. People have busy schedules and don’t have time to go to a dermatology office – nor did they want to wait months to be seen by a dermatology provider.  I offer affordable rates to remove common benign skin lesions that are often not covered by health insurance. 

I really do enjoy doing patient education regarding skin cancer prevention and care. It amazes me how patients can go to a derm provider for years and still not be properly educated on skin cancer prevention. If you’re considering joining the mobile medical movement, or would like to learn about more benefits of mobile dermatology exams in Phoenix, Arizona, let us know!

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